The Protective AK™

Date: November 27th, 2016


Location: Lebanon


In this platform specific seminar, you will be taught to utilize the Kalashnikov rifle and its variants such as the Vz58.

The following outlines some of the Protective AK™ program:

– Introduction, safety briefing, as well as platform history and evolutions
– Countries of origin overview, variants, and tiers classification
– Common calibers along with strengths and weaknesses of each type
– Military ammo categories, origins, and quality
– Platform advantages and limitations
– AK furniture (Original and modern) and stocks
– Recommended accessories for your AK
– The 3 pillars of shooting
– Proper as well as rough zero procedures
– AK Safety manipulations for right as well as left handed shooters
– Reloads types: Administrative, Tactical, and Emergency
– Shooting positions and types of shooting
– Close quarters shooting and ambidextrous weapon handling
– Weapon retention and using the AK for close contact combatives
– Common Malfunctions types and clearances with the AK platform
– Wounded Man (One-handed) shooting and malfunction clearing
– Longer range shooting with an AK
– Proper cleaning procedure for the Kalashnikov family of weapons
– Conclusion

You will need a quality AK (AK47 or AKM), eyes and ear protection (plugs AND muffs strongly recommended), and a minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition. We can advise you on what type and country-specific AK to buy. Vz58 (Slavia) lovers are welcome as well!

We can provide rental firearms as well as ammunition for an all-inclusive fee.