Senshido Defined

We offer the best possible instruction in tactical, physical, psychological, emotional, and mental training to individuals and institutions, allowing them to deal with all forms of unarmed as well as armed conflict.

We strive at minimizing potential danger and harm to individuals, while maximizing their abilities to successfully protect themselves from any and all forms of confrontations.

Senshido – The Way of a Thousand Masters – is a Personal Protection method based on thoroughly understanding the Pre-Contact, Contact, and Post-Contact aspects of Violence:

Pre-Contact: Understanding why and how Violence happens, preparation and prevention through proper fitness training as well as nutrition, mindset programming, intuition utilization, awareness and avoidance strategies, fear and anger management, criminal wants and fears, adrenaline acclimatization, confrontation management skills, verbal de-escalation strategies, proper body language, and much more.

Contact: Doing “Whatever Works” to survive a physical altercation, by learning how to use any and all of your body’s natural tools as well as improvised and modern weapons both offensively (Gross Motor Skills as well as street-effective grappling and striking tactics) and protectively (The Startle to Flinch reflex)

Post Contact: Dealing with concerns arising from violence survival such as self-triage and first aid, talking to the police, winning the legal battle, overcoming potential psychological and moral issues, preparing oneself for revenge, conducting anti-surveillance, etc.

Due to the ever changing aspects of human conflict, we strive at building and continuously enhancing our curriculum based on real-world experience and incorporating scientific principles (Namely police and military science, human physiology, emergency first aid, criminology, psychology, biomechanics, combat sciences,…), concepts, strategies, and tactics in our training.