greysitepalmWe have no belts, no uniforms, no secret techniques, no katas, no choreographed moves, and no duel fantasies, because real fights have none of those. Wearing a traditional uniform, bowing before and after entering class, and learning about an ancient culture, while intellectually stimulating, will not prepare people for real violence.

Our training methodology is simple: We do scenarios that replicate reality by incorporating dialogue, emotions, fatigue, adrenaline, one or more attackers with or without weapons, going at you full speed, full power, without consent, and with intent. If it works under those conditions, then it will work in real life. If not, then it is not street effective. Period.

Despite the high-level of contact, training with us is perfectly safe as we progressively bring participants up to a high level of proficiency while utilizing protective equipment that minimizes the risk of injuries.

Private Training (One-on-one as well as small groups up to four individuals) is customizable to fit the needs, physical abilities, and lifestyles of clients, be they men, women, police, or military. We offer a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about training.

To book a private session, please CALL Georges Fahmy on +961 3 499 712 or email us at