A Friendly Greeting

February 10, 2015Uncategorized

The following is an updated version of an article that was written for the Senshido International website in the months of July and August 2002. It is not and was not at the time written as a scare tactic. It is an article that should wake anyone up to the possibilities of what lies out there. We sometimes cannot find the words to explain or reason with violent behaviors but it is an awful reality for anyone to be faced with. Here’s a good reason why intuition, although sometimes may be with or without conscious reasoning, should never be ignored.
Hello. You don’t know me and you never will, but I know you. I’ve been watching you. I’ve studied your habits and I will make myself known to you…when I see fit. I’ve bumped into you at the local supermarket. By the way, you and I share the same taste in cuisine. It’s too bad you’re too stuck up and could never see yourself having a romantic dinner with the likes of me. On the day we meet, you may, however, change your mind. I know you’re intelligent; I’m aware of the books you read. Sometimes I’ve even read parts of your book with you. I love to read over your shoulder. I can smell your hair. We connected once. Remember when you felt uncomfortable for a moment? It was during your lunch hour break and you were reading beside your favorite tree. I was there, and you looked confused. I laughed. You prefer the shade there when the sun seems too strong. When you leave your house at 7:00 am, I am there watching you. I see you wave to your neighbor as the two of you seem to leave your driveways at the same time to start your workdays. I don’t like him. That’s ok though, I’ll take care of him. I know your outfits and I know how you try to accessorize to make it seem like you have more than you actually own. I can almost tell, based on the weather as to what outfit you’ll pick out for the day. I prefer when you have your hair out as opposed to when you tie it up on the weekends. I like the changes you made to your bedroom and kitchen. It certainly is a lot brighter in there. More room in the bedroom closet I’ve noticed, that’s nice. I walked behind you today as you went window-shopping. You left your purse open for four blocks, right after you bought the vanilla ice cream treat. I know how sensitive you are. I can tell by the movies you rent. You don’t notice me; you’re too into reading the backs of the movie boxes. It’s ok for now but soon you won’t be able to think of anyone or anything but ME. I will possess every thought you will have. Every emotion will be with ME in mind. Everyone you see will remind you of ME. Why? Because, that’s the way it should be and so it will become. You will answer to me and don’t think for a moment that your boyfriend scares me. I know the car he drives. I sometimes sit in it for kicks and watch the both of you through your living room windows when he visits you. I can take away his brakes if I want, what does he suspect, it’s a new car and he drives way too fast. He might hurt someone with his sloppy driving skills. I could do everyone a favor and get rid of him. Would you prefer I do it by pills? He trusts me you know. I’ve been a baker to him and I could be his next pharmacist. You make me laugh. I know you know I’m watching. Your silly little schoolyard prank of trying to make me jealous just doesn’t work you stupid bitch! Have a good night’s sleep, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow and maybe I’ll come up into your bedroom and tuck you in for the evening.

Hello. Remember the first day we met? I do. I knew we were meant to be together from the moment I laid eyes on you. The world has become quite small since we’ve met. By sheer luck we had shared one friend and now I share most of your friends and know quite a few family members too. I know your family secrets, pets, habits and fears. You’ve come to depend on me. I listen to you. I sympathize with you when your heart is broken. I make you laugh when I see you’re about to cry. You’ve come to depend on me. I do favors for you and soon you will be doing favors for me. You owe me. I spend most of my time thinking of you and seeing to your every need. One day it will be my turn. You better be ready. I haven’t done all this for nothing you know. I could go elsewhere but I’ve chosen you. You were nothing before me and have grown into a better person because of me. But you already know that don’t you? I see the way you’ve been looking at me lately. You’ve been teasing me with those long looks of yours. I see through your facade of playing hard to get. You want me so bad it almost makes you look cheap the way you throw yourself at my feet. I know your little jealousy game. You’re such a child. You think I don’t see through you. I know you want to make me jealous when you speak with those other men whom you call co-workers and friends. It’s not working. You merely look like a stupid little schoolgirl. You deserve to be treated as such. You’re a slut. A schoolgirl slut who deserves what she’s gonna get coming to her!

There is no such thing as a “stranger” attack; a criminal will always know something about you, as he chose you among many to be his victim.

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As always, take care, be safe, and God Bless.